Shiatsu for Children and Teenagers

Over the years, Laurie has had the opportunity to work with many of her clients' children, ranging in age from 8 to 18. Children and teenagers often experience anxiety. They may be dealing with social pressures, difficulties at school or worries about family. Anxiety can show up as physical tension, or it can be internalized and manifest itself in different ways such as stomach aches or headaches. Shiatsu is an excellent tool to use to help soothe and quiet the mind while also easing the discomfort from these secondary symptoms.

Children and teens can also experience sore muscles brought on by playing sports, carrying heavy backpacks, computer use, and long periods sitting at a desk. During a shiatsu treatment focus will be given to these problem areas using comfortable pressure suited to the individual's age and body type with the goal of relieving their muscle tension.

Laurie has an easy way about her that kids respond to. It doesn't take long for them to feel comfortable with her, and they quickly begin to enjoy and look forward to this time, which has been put aside for them to relax. And once their symptoms start to improve they will be badgering you for more appointments! Parents are welcome to sit in on the sessions until everyone is comfortable.

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