Lung Ki Booster

Laurie has developed a technique that can significantly improve the symptoms of your common cold and can easily be incorporated into your shiatsu or thai massage. This technique combines Gua Sha, an Asian healing technique, with the use of essential oils known to improve cold symptoms.

When using Gua Sha to relieve cold symptoms the skin is rubbed in a downwards direction with a round-edged instrument targeting the major lung points in the upper back. This action disperses blocked Ki, relieves lung congestion, strengthens lung energy and gives a boost to your immune system.

The essential oils used are determined by your cold symptoms. This tailored oil solution is applied to your upper back, neck, and to the base of your skull before the gua sha begins.

Once the Gua Sha portion of your session is finished the area is covered and if needed heat is applied. In most cases you will feel an immediate shift in your condition.

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