In 2001, I had a terrible cough that wouldn't go away. The doctor prescribed a puffer that people with asthma use, but it didn't help. I went to Laurie for a shiatsu treatment, and my cough started to go away the next day. I now go to Laurie whenever I have a cold, and I always start to feel better in a day or two. Laurie has a wonderful caring touch.
- Sharon Ho, journalist, Toronto


Laurie is a master technician with beautiful intuition about the body. In her own quiet way, she finds the areas in my body that are holding tension and clears those pathways. At the end of our sessions, I always feel like my body is enlivened and I have come back to myself. I have had dozens of sessions with her, and I recommend her without reservation.
- Jeff Brown, author, Toronto


Laurie's ability to treat my neck pain was incredible. I had been suffering for days and felt so much relief following my session. Now I know I don't have to live with any further discomfort, I can just call Laurie.
- Victoria Turner, life coach, Toronto


Thai Massage is like no massage I have ever experienced. I love having my body stretched out for me. I first went to see Laurie two years ago when I was experiencing back pain. Nothing I tried seemed to relieve it. But after 1 session the pain was much improved and after the second session the pain was gone. I still go regularly and after every massage I feel taller, calmer and more content.
- Kelly Watson, dance instructor, Toronto


I discovered in my 50s that I had a torn rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder from playing softball when I was younger. I did a course of physiotherapy, but still had very limited mobility and quite a bit of pain in the shoulder. I went to Laurie weekly for a while, then monthly, and had great improvement. I am sure Laurie's treatment speeded up my recovery. I highly recommend her.
- Patrick Lee, computer programmer, Toronto


I have been going to Laurie once a month for years. The lessening of tension and muscle knots in my neck and shoulders after a session is incredible, and these benefits seem to last longer between sessions as I continue to go on a regular basis. Laurie has wonderful hands, and I recommend her highly.
- Marla Sieger, business manager, Toronto


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